S&B Solo Exhibition Hana Machi 13th-28th September @ Sway Gallery

SAKI&Bitches 5th Solo Exhibition 'Hana Machi' DATES: 13th-28th Sep 2018 PRIVATE VIEW: 13th Sep 6-8pm

Sway Gallery

London70-72 Old Street London, EC1V 9AN In a celebration of heritage and the power of a woman's sexuality,

'Hana Machi' is an intimate exhibition by S&B.

A playground for rich men, Yoshiwara was once Tokyo’s most infamous red light district, (Hana Machi in Japanese) – thanks to its Yujos. Wrapped in skin as soft as silk, these pretty paramours played ‘the shy gal’ but unlike the Geishas, they did more than just entertain.

The 5th solo show by Japanese-born SAKI&Bitches, 'Hana Machi' continues the artist's exploration of the sex worker industry. Exquisite as they are raw, her illustrations spotlight the Yojos and their endured life stories that weren't always theirs to lead. Swapping the deliberate smoothness of paper for the honest imperfections of wood, the visual exploration celebrates the inner beauty of these women: their strength and tenacity.

An important commentary on and celebratration of the 'world’s Yojos', past and present, the London-based artist will donate part of all sales to British sex worker charity NUM National Ugly Mugs .

Written by Jasmine Phull

FREE ENTRANCE OPENING HOURS: MON-FRI 11:00-19:00 SAT (15th SEP only) 12:00-18:00

Please press attend on Facebook event page from this link

or send your name to info@sway-gallery.com

if you would like to attend the private view on 13th September.

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